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FST Key to Hot FBI Cyber-Terror Issue

Comments by FBI Cyber Crimes Assistant Director Shawn Henry made last October to reporters centered on a noticeable rise in cyber-terrorism and specifically cited "spear phishing" as a rapidly rising threat.

ISR's Forensic Sender Test™ helps UCE control systems combat all types of email identity crimes. Providing FST service in your mail system component or service not only brings tremendous value to your customers, but also affords an opportunity to show initiative on a “hot button” issue.

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Identity Theft Detection
The Forensic Sender Test™ keeps users from ever seeing a  phishing link without scanning email content. Unattended reporting of phishing links becomes possible.
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SMTP Traffic Control
Reliable spoof detection at the edge-service SMTP connection unloads worm   traffic without loss of real-time delivery. Free up  your resources without greylisting.
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Better throughput, improved accuracy and domain reputation systems are  just a few enhancements accurate spoof detection can add to any UCE control system.
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Welcome to Ingenious Systems Research, LLC!

Introducing the world's first email anti-spoofing technology that requires no adoption of new standards.

The world has failed to settle on and adopt a protocol-level solution to the email spoofing problem after years of proposed standards and available technologies. “Civically responsible” email administrators publish their SPF records and use DKIM-enabled email software only to find they have done little to help their inbound email quality. Ingenious Systems Research, LLC, offers the Forensic Sender Test™ to address this issue.

The Forensic Sender Test™ is an email Quality-of-Service technology that evaluates the right of an IP address to deliver email on behalf of a sending email address. The FST yields the same type of information as the well known SPF, Sender ID, and DKIM technologies with one important distinction: The FST is not an opt-in system and can respond accurately to a query of any IP/email address combination because it does not require publication or certification of special information by email system administrators.

The FST first entered service in August 2004 and has been used by Internet service providers and corporate service bureaus to sort over two billion emails since. Practical uses of the FST include exposing phishing attempts without false positives, rejection of malicious edge-service SMTP connections, fine tuning of email filtering systems, establishment of domain-based reputation systems, and even allowing for identity-based email control.

The Forensic Sender Test™ is not available directly to consumers. Vendors of FST-enabled mail system components offer FST subscriptions within the terms of their own support agreements. Outsourced mail system vendors can make the Forensic Sender Test™ available to customers within their proprietary services.