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FST Key to Hot FBI Cyber-Terror Issue

Comments by FBI Cyber Crimes Assistant Director Shawn Henry made last October to reporters centered on a noticeable rise in cyber-terrorism and specifically cited "spear phishing" as a rapidly rising threat.

ISR's Forensic Sender Test™ helps UCE control systems combat all types of email identity crimes. Providing FST service in your mail system component or service not only brings tremendous value to your customers, but also affords an opportunity to show initiative on a “hot button” issue.

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History of MailVICE

We never set out to solve anyone else's problems but our own.  In 2004, our ISP-hosting network was becoming overrun with spam that threatened our entire business.  At that time, tools to solve the problem didn't do anything except try and mask it, and with spammers boxing us into a corner, we fought our own way out.

After months of trying to solve our own spam problem by ourselves, an important discovery was made that became the basis for our anti-spam service called MailVICE.  It was this discovery, the historical significance of which was not realized at the time, that would serve as the foundation for today's Forensic Sender Test™ (FST).

When our MailVICE "pro-email" solution went live in August of 2004, what was once a minute-by-minute battle against spammers turned into an email administrator's dream come true.  Finally, we had removed ourselves from the constant chore of updating content filters, tweaking tons of settings in our anti-spam-software-of-the-month, and sweating bullets every time the phone rang.  Not a single countermeasure tweak in three years.

MailVICE worked by verifying the network of a sender against a trusted list of email-address/sending-network pairs.  Our secret weapon was within the network verification strategy that never failed to identify spoofed email.  Once we were able to eliminate spoofed deliveries, spam became very simple to stop.

Since then we have stopped every spam destined for any of our users.  But until our attendance at ISPCON 2007, we didn't realize the true potential of the core MailVICE technology.  The anti-spam industry is saturated with spam-free claims similar to ours, but the real search at ISPCON was for the perfect anti-spoofing solution.  As soon as we realized this we knew we attended the event with the wrong product offering.

Because the anti-spoofing FST test was at the core of MailVICE, we decided to develop a stand-alone version of the test to be used in other products and services.  Ingenisys offers two product lines: MailVICE, the FST-enabled "pro-email" solution; and the Forensic Sender Test™ web service, a real-time anti-spoof test designed to be resold by other company's email servers, routers, firewalls, network appliances, proxy servers, and software services.

With all of our technology fully developed, tested, and proven, we now plan to focus our efforts on developing strategic partnerships that will allow us to take advantage of the true power of the Forensic Sender Test™.  At this time, even though spam is a solvable annoyance using MailVICE, stopping email phishing and scams, delivered to their recipients as the result of inadequate internet infrastructure, will be our highest priority.  Crimes committed using spoofed electronic identity has become a global epidemic, and we have the cure.